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Pictures of Friends and such

Random pics of friends from way back when

Tallahassee Some other stuff from when I went to visit Cooper when he lived in Tallahassee

2004/05/01 Jared with Roxie and a few other random pics

2004/05/21 Fuelsluts @ Friday's

2004/06/14 Roxy chasing me around

2004/06/14 Jessica Dawn's visit to Orlando

2004/06/14 Milea's visit to Orlando

2004/07/10 Victoria's Graduation party

2004/11/06 Epcot with some of Julia's Bio friends

2006/05/05 Julia's graduation

2007/04/21 Lau at the Orange Boat Club

2007/04/21 Short Flying trip with my pilot buddy Ryan

2007/06/08 Glatting Beach weekend 2007 and launch of STS117

2007/09/22 Orange Boat Club shrimp party

2007/09/30 Bowling with Gary, Terina, Ned, Julia, and Matt

2007/11/25 Ned's Birthday Party

2008/10/05 2008-10-5 - Picnic in the Pines by Mitigation Marketing

2013-02-02 Warrior Dash 2013

Misc A bunch of crazyness

Zoey My parent's dog when she was just a pup

2014-01-17 - Idylic Descent, Elevators, and Catherine Ridgeway at Back Booth

2014-03-30 - Idylic Descent, Elevators, Autumn Empire, and HALO MILO at Back Booth

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