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These picture were taken during the my spring break of 2002. Traveling with my friend Kurt, we attempted to capture the beauty of Japan digitally.

01 - On the way to Narita. – Most of these photo’s are either in an airport or out of a window (car, bus, or airplane, take your pick)

We left from Tampa Airport, Proceded to fly on to Memphis, from Memphis to Seattle, and then from Seattle to Narita (New Tokyo)

02 - On the way to Tokyo and Chichibu

We left Tokyo on Day two and headed north to the Chichibu area and stayed in a Youth Hostel in the Mountains.

03 - Chichibu to Shuzenji

Day 3, We left Chichibu and headed south to Shuzenji “Tokyo’s Playground” for natural hot springs.

04 - Shuzenji to Kyoto to Osaka YH

Day 4, From Shujenji we went north then West to Osaka, the capital of Japan. Arriving at night we stayed at the Osaka International Youth Hostel.

05 - Leaving Osaka YH

Day 5, Leaving the stink hole of a youth hostel we proceeded to find better accommodations.

06 - Osaka to Nara and back

From Osaka we ventured out to Nara, Japan’s oldest capital city.

07 - Osaka to Tokyo

From Osaka we took a 5 hour train ride back east to Tokyo to finish off our stay.

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