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Welcome to Matt Johnson's page, here you will find information about my professional life, hobbies, and other bits of info.


I am an IT Professional, and have been in the field for 10 years now.

Areas of Expertise

I have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to the IT industry. I am experienced in SAN's, LAN/WAN networking, Microsoft Operating System products, software deployment, and more than I can comfortably put in a sentence. I also am experienced in putting together proposal material for projects, developing budgets, and maintaining operations of a small datacenter.

More on my Professional Experience


I'm a bit of a photo bug, you can find links to my photographs, and other information

Photo Pages


I used to be fairly into cars, racing, and going fast. Honestly I've grown out of it, now I just enjoy cars that are fun to drive, but following are links to info on my last two fun to drive cars

Firebird This is the current fun to drive car that I own, but I don't really drive it that much any more

Thunderbird This was my second car, I sold it to my friend, Kurt Richter

Google Apps Page